Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fall-ing in Love With Yellow

I have lately become much enamored with yellow as a Regency color, and have slowly been adding various yellow items to my wardrobe.  Long-time followers will remember my Yellow Embroidered Shawl, Gold Velvet Spencer (it's in the yellow family), painted Hartfields, and of course my yellow bodiced petticoat and Yellow Sprigged Dress.  Last month I wore them all together (except I traded out the embroidered shawl for a cream wool one as there was a nip in the air) for a fall photo shoot before all of the leaves were gone.  I added two new yellow accessories:  a pair of newly-dyed gloves and a newly-refashioned straw bonnet.  I'll blog about the bonnet and gloves soon.  For now, here are the pictures!  Brian the Engineer was my photographer, as usual:

I also wore my cap and chemisette, and carried a faux fur muff.

The picturesque location is Newport New Park, and although we didn't get the most colorful fall foliage, we did have a gorgeous day for a walk in the woods. 


  1. Boot envy alert! I remember them from Eastfield Manor. And a little something else from Eastfield? Your dress, constructed before my very eyes that weekend! Lovely ensemble. I can't wait to find out how you dyed your gloves. Tutorial?

    1. Thanks! I did make my dress at the retreat, yes. And I'll have a post up about the gloves in a couple days. :)