Monday, October 28, 2013

Spencer Pictures and Austenland

Yesterday a group of us from the Regency Society of Virginia met up in Norfolk for a showing of Austenland, which for me was really a reason to get dressed up and show off my new velvet spencer.  The movie was fun, and I did get a kick out of wearing my 19th Century garb to a 21st Century movie theatre.

Look at us being all anachronistic!  
Before the movie, Brian the Engineer was kind enough to do a quick photo-shoot with me in a cute little park near the beach.  I wore my white Apron-Front Gown with my new Gold Velvet Spencer, my Striped Bonnet, and a new dotted chemisette I threw together a couple weeks ago.  On my feet are my American Duchess stockings and Pemberlies, and the gloves I'm wearing in a few pictures are vintage.

After a bit I took off the jacket to better show off the chemisette.  Luckily it was a nice enough day that I didn't even really need a shawl.  I like having one though, for a pop of color.  This is the Yellow Shawl that I'm planning to embroider but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Of course I had to check the sonic screwdriver to make sure I had landed in the right century for the movie.

I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to use, as always.  There are more to be seen on Facebook.

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