Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Twelfth Night 2018

One of my favorite annual events that the Regency Society puts on is the Twelfth Night Dinner.  It's always a treat to get together with other Regency enthusiasts, all dressed to the nines, and eat delicious food while socializing in a historic atmosphere.  And this time there was dancing!  Sadly, I got no pictures of this.  However, I had a good excuse:

We brought Reptar!

And she was a little distracting.

Amazingly, there were many willing volunteers to hold her when Brian the Engineer and I needed a break.

Megan and Reptar
RSV photo
Samantha takes a turn
Stefanie enjoys feeding her
Stylish ladies in yellow!
I think Stacy likes Reptar.
She was very well-behaved, even though the poor kid had a pretty bad diaper rash at the time.  She happily sat in the high chair while we ate:  

There are more photos of the event on the RSV Facebook page.  I mostly have photos of myself and Reptar:  

She spent a lot of time testing the strength of my Dames a la Mode necklace:

RSV photo

This may be my favorite photo of the two of us ever:

I wore my Sheer Striped Gown and Blue Wool Spencer with my Shocking Bad Hat.  Brian the Engineer wore his Black Wool Tailcoat and Purple Velvet Waistcoat.  Reptar debuted a new dress I'm calling the Yellow Buttercup Dress, along with an antique embroidered cap that was given to me at my baby shower last year.

I'll do a separate post on her ensemble soon, with details of how I made her dress.