Year of Foundations

What is it?  

The Participants:  

A Sartorial Statement (me) - 18th Century goals:  
  • 1 or 2 linen shift(s)
  • stays - starting over
  • grand pannier
  • pocket hoops
  • bum pad
  • 2 or 3 petticoats
  • embroidered garters
Victorian goals:  
  • chemise
  • drawers
  • corset
  • bustle
  • petticoats

A Slip of the Stitch - mid-Victorian goals:
  • chemise
  • drawers
  • corset
  • corded petticoat
  • tucked petticoat
  • cage crinoline
Regency goals:  
  • basic shift
  • short stay

Rococo Atelier  - 18th Century goals:
  • 1780s stays
  • bum pad
  • large pannier 
1860s goals:
  • chemise
  • corset
  • crinoline
  • petticoats

Genteel Musings - 18th Century goals:
  • linen shift
  • 1740-50s stays
  • panniers
  • under-petticoats

The Laced Angel - 1830s

Domowa Kostiumologia - 1880s goals:
  • chemise
  • corset
  • lobster bustle
  • petticoats
18th Century goals:  
  • shift
  • stays
  • panniers
  • petticoats

Sleeping Dragon - 1860-1880

Falbaniaste marzenia - 18th Century goals:
Mid-19th Century goals:  
  • corset
  • corset cover
  • bum roll
  • corded petticoat


    Historical undergarments overview by A Damsel in This Dress

    An overview of 18th century stays by Diary of a Mantua Maker

    Pannier-Along tutorial by The Dreamstress

    Simplicity Grand Pannier pattern review by American Duchess

    Laughing Moon Short Bustle pattern review by Festive Attyre

    Leather Stays tutorial by Thread-Headed Snippet

    Regency Half-Stays tips and tricks by American Duchess

    Undergarment Inspiration by The Dreamstress

    Proper Period Foundations inspiration - my Pinterest board

    "Surviving The Day in a Corset" tips and tricks by American Duchess

    "Speedy 18th Century Stays" tutorial by Rococo Atelier

    "Making a Corded Petticoat" tutorial by The Laced Angel

    The Aristocrat's explanation of her stay-making process

    "Recreating the Alcega Farthingale for Modern Bodies" tutorial by Sempstress

    "How to Draft a Round Hoop With the Exact Shape You Want" tutorial by The Laced Angel

    Making Stays, 1730-1780 tutorial by The Mantua Maker at Midnight

    If you have a pattern or tutorial you plan to use or have used, please let me know and I'll post a link to it here.  

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