Monday, May 13, 2019

Past Event - Monroe's Highland Picnic

Somehow I never got around to blogging about this Regency Society picnic from September 10, 2016!  Which is a shame, since I have quite a few pictures.  I'll try to narrate what I remember from the day.

The picnic was at Monroe's Highland, which has a beautiful shaded lawn.  We took full advantage of it, playing games before the picnic.  Here's Stacy and me, playing Graces:

It's tricky to play with two rings at once, but we got rather good at it.

We also had the traditional Hoop-and-Stick game:

But that was clearly not as exciting as dogs!

What a beautiful place!

We did a small photo shoot under this gorgeous huge tree:

This is still one of my favorite photos ever of my Yellow Sprigged Dress:

I wore it over my yellow bodiced petticoat and ruffled chemisette - with removable ruff - and accessorized with my embroidered shawl, cap and straw bonnet.  Oh, and my Hartfields.

I also wore this gorgeous cameo brooch that Brian the Engineer bought for me in Italy:

Speaking of Brian, here is he playing Graces:

I think these girls were visitors to the estate, not part of our picnic.  But we are always happy to interact with the public and educate them on the Regency era.

After all of the games, we had a lovely picnic!  I didn't get a photo of the entire spread, but this was my plate:

After the picnic - more games!

Brian looking pensive:

He wore his old Linen Tailcoat and Green Spot'd Waistcoat with tan cotton breeches that used to be trousers.  And of course the obligatory top hat.

Oh look, more games!  Battledore & Shuttlecock:

More photos, just for fun:

I really like how my yellow gloves look.

I love this photo, but if anyone who is good at Photoshop wants to remove that trash can for me, I'd be extremely grateful:

Obligatory shoe shot:

And we also did a mini photo shoot of the two of us:

And of course I had to sonic something:

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