Friday, July 5, 2019

RSV England Trip - Day Zero: Arrival and Elton House

I have so many pictures from England!  I'm going to be blogging about the trip for months, probably.  I will break it down into days, to keep each post from getting too massive.  I'll go into more detail about what I wore each day in a later post, but in the meantime you can see my outfits in albums on my Facebook page.

I am starting with Day Zero, so called because it was the day before our actual Jane Austen tour began.  However, it is worth blogging about because I took photos of the beautiful historic house that ten of us stayed in for the four days we were in Bath - Elton House!  It is a vacation rental property run by the Landmark Trust, and you can read all about it at the link I provided.  Meanwhile, pictures! 

I started exploring after finding out which room was mine, and dropping off my luggage.  My roommate, Julie, and I got to sleep here: 

This was our view out of the windows, which are at the front of the house: 

Looking back into the room from the window: 

Then I went downstairs to explore the rest of the house.  Even the landings between staircases were beautiful: 

The kitchen - very cozy: 

It has all modern appliances and plumbing.

The dining room made me so happy! 

Windows again facing the street - this is right below my room: 

The other front room is beautifully decorated: 

A set of doors led to another cozy room: 

We gathered here in the evenings after dinner: 

I was intrigued by this fireplace lined with delft tiles: 

I was also curious why some of them were upside down...

There are also some lovely paintings: 

Then there was the charming back garden: 

I may have gone overboard taking photos of the foliage. 

But I couldn't spend all day taking pictures of the house.  I had some unpacking, ironing, and - surprise, surprise - some sewing to do! 

First I laid out all of my dresses and petticoats to be pressed:

Organized my accessories: 

And once the ironing was done, hung the dresses, petticoats, and spencers/bodices in the closet: 

Stay tuned for Day One! 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Regency Capsule Wardrobe

My plans for what I'm going to wear on my trip to England have changed several times in the past six months!  First I was unable to find fabric in the right color to match a vintage sari I have that I want to make into a ballgown, so that particular gown will have to wait for another occasion.  Then I had planned a rather elaborate wardrobe of 4-5 dresses and 2-3 spencers, but then I started thinking about packing all of this.  I'm taking a bus from Heathrow Airport to Bath at the start of the trip, and the bus only allows two medium-sized suitcases and one carry-on.  Given this, and the fact that we will be moving hotels from Bath to Brighton to London throughout the week, I started rethinking my plans to ensure I can pack as light as possible.  Eventually this solidified into a Regency capsule wardrobe.




I will now be bringing just two dresses, one spencer, two sleeveless bodices, and one petticoat that will hook into the waistband of each bodice.   By mixing and matching these elements (and by adding accessories) I'll be able to make at least five different outfits!

Day One:  Black & Ivory Striped Dress


Day Two:  Green Sleeveless Spencer, White Striped Petticoat


Day Three:  Sheer Striped Dress (over Pink Bodiced Petticoat), Pink Silk Spencer


Day Four:  Black & Ivory Striped Dress, Pink Silk Spencer


Day Five:  Blue Sleeveless Bodice, White Striped Petticoat


I was originally going to wear the Sheer Striped Dress twice, with two different bodiced petticoats (since they show through and change the look of the dress significantly), but I am currently so over the moon about how beautifully my Black & Ivory Dress turned out that I want to wear it twice!  So I can leave my blue bodiced petticoat behind, and save a little more space.

I am also bringing two shifts (and a third in progress), two sets of stays, one bodiced petticoat, three bonnets, three shawls, five sets of stockings, and probably three pairs of shoes. 

I leave this afternoon, and I need to finish packing, so I'd better run!  Watch my Instagram for updates from England!