Thursday, May 23, 2019

Past Event - Caledon Nature Hike

Another event I never blogged about!  On June 11, 2016, the Regency Society of Virginia gathered at Caledon State Park for a Regency nature hike.

Our guide in the woods was Mr. Callahan, a naturalist:

Whole families came out:

And I dragged Brian the Engineer along, in his Regency duds:

The assembled company listened intently to our guide before we ventured into the woods:

First he showed us some of the trees on the lawn of the house.

I wish I could remember what he'd told us, but that was so long ago!

Brian took over my camera, as evidenced by all the pictures of me.  :p

And we were off!  Into the woods:

I believe here he was showing us how to recognize poison ivy:

I love all of the bonnets:

I remember it was a hot day, and I was glad of my parasol for sun protection.

This was probably us looking for a bird that was singing up in the trees:

Mr. Callahan actually had an app on his smartphone that could identify bird songs (I should have gotten the info from him!) and he was playing one to get the real bird to sing back!

After our walk, we had a picnic and games:

I love photographing people playing Graces!

Brian always enjoys a good game of Cribbage:

And we had Battledore & Shuttlecock:

I snuck away and tried to get some arty shots of the picnic through the leaves:

And after the picnic we got some photos of the two of us:

It was windy, so my skirt was hugging my legs, lol.

And Brian also got some photos of just me, in my new Dove Gray Dress:

I also wore my ruffled chemisette and removable ruff, along with my cap and a straw bonnet I had refashioned from a thrift-store hat, and my Hartfields.

Brian wore his Blue Linen Tailcoat, Green Spot'd Waistcoat, and breeches that were formerly trousers.

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