Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wandering in Williamsburg

The first weekend of February was a busy one for me.  On Saturday, February 2, there were two events in Williamsburg that I wanted to attend.  The first was the RSV annual meeting, followed by the Mini Market Fair in the afternoon!  I talked Brian the Engineer into going with me and Reptar and making a day of it.  We even managed to squeeze in a mother-daughter photo shoot in the historical area in between the two events!  I might be slightly crazy.  :p

But the photos (and there are a lot of them) were totally worth it!  I already posted a bunch on my Facebook page, but here are my favorites:

Reptar loved running up and down the hedgerows in this garden, which was like a maze to her:

It's difficult to get very far with a toddler who is interested in every single thing on the ground.

And who must climb every set of stairs she finds!

There was an airplane flying overhead:

I couldn't resist getting some photos of her on my phone, too:

It was a cute shot, though!

Then I couldn't resist a selfie:

Brian also got a few shots of my ensemble for the day:

I wore my Cream Striped Bonnet, Pink Silk Spencer, Sheer Striped Gown over Pink Bodiced Petticoat, and of course my Hartfields.

Reptar wore a green wool cape over her Green Floral Dress, with an antique cap I was gifted, a green silk ribbon sash from Burnley & Trowbridge, altered children's stockings from Colonial Williamsburg, white leather ballet flats I got at a thrift store and altered to make them more Regency-appropriate.  The green silk ribbon ties are also from B&T.

Hey look, more stairs!

She could get up them by herself, but needed assistance with going back down.

So many stairs!

And here are some of the photos from my phone:

Loving papa/husband took such great pictures!  (And held all my things. :p)

Back home that evening, I let her play with a new game of Quoits that I had gotten at Colonial Williamsburg for her:

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