Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blog Updates

Lately I've been working on making my blog a little easier to navigate - specifically to find posts about a particular garment that I've made.  I've done this by creating a distinct page for each garment, which can all be found under the Completed Costumes tab up at the top.  The Completed Costumes page itself is organized first by time period, then roughly chronological in order of when I made each piece.

On each garment's individual page, you will find links to every blog post I've done about that garment, separated into categories for added clarity.   Here is a sample of one such page:

As you can see, all of the posts that document my process or talk about how I made the garment are grouped together, then events and photo shoots where I wore said garment are listed with the dates when those events and photo shoots happened - not the dates of when I blogged about them!

Putting these pages together has helped me find the holes in my blog, especially where there are garments and events that I have never posted about!  (You may have noticed me blogging about past events lately - that's why.)  And it has helped me remember some older pieces that I want to revisit, such as this little gem:

Blue Velveteen Bodice (link opens garment page)
I was never quite happy with how it turned out when I made it five years ago.  And anyway, it no longer fits.  So it is getting revamped, and I am going to wear it in England next month!

Aside from this tangential benefit to me, I'm hoping that my readers will enjoy having easy access to all of my garments' blog posts in one area.  I have not gotten to every garment yet, and I'm only doing this for main pieces such as gowns, jackets, outwear, and stays.  Accessories and simpler undergarments will still have a photo on the Completed Costumes page with a link underneath, but that link will likely go to a single blog post where I discussed making that accessory.

And in future blog posts, when I talk about a particular garment, I will have a link to that garment's page, instead of a link to the search query for every post that is tagged for that garment.  That was rather cumbersome, and this will be much more streamlined and user-friendly.  :)

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