Monday, May 27, 2019

Green Wool Cape

This was a quick little project, fortunately.  I needed something for Reptar to wear over her Green Floral Dress for our photo shoot in Williamsburg in February, to keep her warm.  I had barely a large enough scrap of green wool flannel from Burnley & Trowbridge - left over from the Green Wool Tailcoat I was commissioned to make three years ago - to eke out a half-circle cape and small hood.

I took no photos while I was working on it, being in a hurry to get it done, but the construction was fairly straightforward.

The hood was just a rectangle that I lined in pale gold silk habotai that I had on hand.

I stitched the layers separately for 5 1/2" (including seam allowance) up from the neck edge, and pressed under the remaining seam allowance up to the fold on both the wool and the lining.

Then I slip-stitched the edges together, and pleated the opening down into a circle:

I attached the collar to the cape by machine, and turned under the seam allowance of the lining, enclosing the raw edges and catch-stitching it to the seam by hand.  Then I stitched a line 5/8" up from the neck by machine, creating a casing for the drawstring/ties:

The front edge of the hood got prick-stitched by hand to keep it nice and neat:

The ties are long enough to cross over Reptar's chest and wrap around her waist.  This keeps the cape in place and prevents choking.

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