Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fort Frederick 2019

This was my second visit to Fort Fred, and it was just as much fun as the first time I went three years ago!  I caught a ride up to Maryland with my friend Britney, and shared a hotel room with her and our friend Stephani.  The three of us all dressed up and went to the market together. 

I wore my newly-finished Yellow and Blue Jacket and yellow wool petticoat.  Britney and Stephani kindly helped me style my Boogie Babe wig (previously worn for Carolyn's 1790's Tea) into a hedgehog while I finished sewing my jacket at the hotel Friday night:

I think it turned out pretty great!  I could barely fit in Stephani's car with it on: 

It was windy!  The wig was securely pinned to my hair, but before I could wear my hat we needed to find and purchase some hat pins.  I'd forgotten mine at home, and there was no way my hat would stay on without one - or two! 

I ended up getting two, from K. Walters At the Sign of the Gray Horse.  They are nice and sturdy, and quite long!  With my hat in place, I finally felt fully dressed. 

I re-wore my blue linen mitts that I made for Fort Fred the first time around, and in fact my hat is the same one I trimmed for that trip, too!  I accessorized with earrings from Dames a la Mode, and American Duchess Dunmores.  My stockings were purchased at Colonial Williamsburg (as was the hat).

I wore a bum roll and ruffled underpetticoat over my old cotton shift (that needs to be replaced with a linen one) and my maternity stays.  (I have yet to finish my regular 18th Century stays, which probably won't fit me anymore!)  Oh, and my kerchief is just a hemmed triangle of cotton voile. 

At the fort, we met up with Stephani's friend Lena, who is now my friend, too! 

Lena, me, Stephani, Britney
 The wind played havoc with our hats while we tried to pose serenely: 

But we did get some decent shots.  Thanks to Jessica for the photos! 

I was loving the beautiful violets that were everywhere in the grass: 

And just for fun, took a photo of my shadow: 

It was a loooooong day of walking and standing, and my feet were very tired by the end!  I ended up lounging on the grass next to a fabric vendor for probably 20 minutes or so, late in the day while the rest of my party continued to shop.  It felt glorious! 

Thank you to Britney for this photo
I came away with quite a lot of new stuff! 

Wooden box from Daniel Hrinko, embroidery pattern, floss, and two pairs of stockings from Penny River, stockings from Daniel Boone (if I recall correctly), market bonnet from Royal Blue Traders, silk ribbon from Fashions Revisited, dice and top from Wooden Toys and Boxes, feathers from a vendor I don't remember for sure, hat pins from K. Walters
I also got chocolate hazelnut shortbread from The Shortbread Exchange, but it disappeared before I thought to take pictures of it.  :p 

Also, we met up with my friends Jessica, Carol, and Sarah, but I have no photos of or with them. 

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