Monday, September 30, 2013

September Accessory - Striped Regency Bonnet

I can barely fit this one in under the wire, but it's done!  My cream striped bonnet is finished and ready for my mom to wear to the Regency Tea on Saturday.  Hooray for deadlines!

This is my entry for the September theme (Hats) of the Accessorizing Head-to-Toe Challenge.

The Accessory:  Cream striped bonnet
Historical Period:  1810-1820ish
Outfit It Accessorizes:  Either my Apron-Front Gown or my Blue Day Dress
Materials Used:  Striped upholstery fabric, muslin lining, buckram frame, cardboard support, ribbon trim
Techniques Used:  Hand and machine sewing

More pics!

I will post more detailed making-of photos later this week or next week.

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