Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Good Old Fashioned Pistol Duel

I'm finally posting pictures from the Regency-era duel put on by the RSV two weeks ago!  I know I haven't blogged in ages, and part of that is being busy with wedding planning, moving to a new house, and sewing for events such as this one.  But part of it is also that I'm so behind on so many blog posts that I've been finding it that much harder to start one.  So this post will not have much writing, because I do want to get caught up on the backlog, but fortunately I can just link you to the article that appeared in the Virginia Pilot about the duel!  See if you can spot yours truly!  

Brian the Engineer played the part of the doctor.  Part of his job was to help load the pistols. 
The duelists took twenty paces from each other...
Turned, and took aim.  
Brian the Engineer reloading one of the pistols between shots
Second shot - both guns misfired
Third shot both guns fired, but no one was hit.
Honor was satisfied.  
The duelists each told a little about the characters they played - based on real historical figures.
The duel itself was fictional.  
Brian the Engineer looked quite dapper in his new trousers - finished around 4:30 that morning!  :p
Then we picnicked!  :D

And we took a few pictures of me with my newly-remembered old parasol, which is probably my favorite prop for photos.

And of course found an opportunity to break out the sonic screwdriver!

Have I mentioned I'm finally embroidering my yellow shawl?  It's coming along nicely.  :)

For more pictures, check out my album on Facebook!

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