Monday, December 7, 2015

RSV Trafalgar Victory Ball

October 24 - once again it was time for the annual Regency Society of Virginia's Victory Ball!  This year it was held at the Country Club of Petersburg.  It was a very lovely venue, with lots of space for dancing: 

Brian the Engineer looked quite dashing in his Black Wool Tailcoat and new Purple Velvet Waistcoat:

There were once again baskets of goodies for silent auction:

More dancing:

And in a side room there were tables set up for various card games, for those who wished to play.  Brian and I found a new friend, Lynn, to play Cribbage with:

This is me winning by a nose!  I never win at Cribbage!  :D
I had procrastinated somewhat on our new wardrobe pieces that I ran out of time to make myself a new gown.  But I got Brian's new waistcoat done!  That was the priority, as he hadn't had anything new in... Well, a year.  :p

I wore my new Yellow Sprigged Dress, which is not exactly a ballgown, so to dress it up a bit I added my Gold Velvet Spencer without the sleeves.  I also wore my long silk gloves and my gorgeous collet necklace and earrings from Dames a la Mode, and brought along my Yellow Embroidered Shawl in case it got cold.

Brian's trousers, shoes, and hat are the same as he wore to the last ball, but the linen cravat is new. 

I experimented with a new hairstyle, adding braids for interest:

Oh, I forgot to mention that the food was excellent!  I was too busy eating to take any pictures of it, though. 

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