Sunday, November 15, 2015

Past Event - Regency Twelfth Night Dinner

On January 3, the Regency Society of Virginia held our second-annual Twelfth Night dinner at Hanover Tavern in Hanover, Virginia.  I will admit I didn't take a single picture at this event (I think I forgot to bring my camera) so all of these photos are from the RSV Facebook page

Brian and I re-wore our ensembles from the Trafalgar Ball:

Hanover Tavern was a beautiful venue, and the food was delicious!

We were quite a merry party.

What a fine-looking bunch!

After the dinner, we mingled and chatted with new friends:

I had made one change to my outfit from the ball - I replaced the haphazard turban with a simple bandeau made from a scrap of the border of my sari fabric.  For my hairstyle I started with a high ponytail, rolled small sections around my fingers, and then pinned them down to create a mass of curls.

We took one more quick photo outside on the porch:

It wasn't *too* freezing.  :p
Somehow all the candid photos of me ended up being from behind, which is fine with me because the back of my gown is the prettiest part!

I must blog about it soon.  I'm realizing that I never wrote a post about Brian's ensemble, either...  Stay tuned! 

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