Monday, October 13, 2014

We Party Like It's 1805

The Regency Society put on a fantastic Trafalgar Day Ball on October  4!  Brian the Engineer and I attended, with new duds which I'll blog about soon:  

There was much dancing.

And festive decor:

"England expects that every man will do his duty"
I helped put together baskets of items donated by fellow RSV members, which we raffled off as prizes.

Our talented musicians

And there was a polar bear, of course.

All of the ball planning committee members who were in attendance were given special recognition:

And, naturally, posed with the polar bear.

I wore my new Green Sari Open Robe over my White Apron-Front Gown, and my new aquamarine collet necklace and earrings from Dames a la Mode.

Brian wore his new Black Wool Tailcoat with the Trousers I made just in time for the duel, and the white shirt and Green Brocade Waistcoat he's worn previously.  I still need to blog about all of his clothing items.  His shoes and buckles are also new, from Burnley & Trowbridge.

And we had fun playing around with the sonic screwdriver and the polar bear.  :p

As usual, there are more photos on Facebook.


  1. Your dress is very lovely, I adore the color combination! Must have been a fun event! :)

  2. Very pretty! Looks like a fun evening.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. That looks like an awesome event! I love the polar bear. Such a noble beast to preside over the evening. As always, you look smashing!

    1. Aww, thanks! The polar bear was a decoration at the event location, which we enjoyed immensely.

  4. Love your open robe and the van dyke trim on it .... and who wouldn't get their photo with a polar bear! I would for sure.

    1. Thank you! The trim is just the printed border of the sari fabric. I had to add length to the skirt section, but luckily I had enough of the border to do it.