Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Past Event - Tea at the Coach & Horses

On April 18, a beautiful spring day just one week after my wedding, several ladies of the Regency Society of Virginia met up at the Coach & Horses Tea Room in Winchester, Virginia for an afternoon of fine food, tea, and company.  

I invited my friend Stefanie along (she and I worked together at the Colonial Williamsburg Costume Design Center at the time) and we borrowed outfit pieces from each other for the day.


We put Stefanie in my white Apron-Front Gown, after letting down one of the tucks since she is a bit taller than me.  (The nice thing was that it was the one tuck that I had run out of time to sew by hand before the first event for which I wore it.  So the machine-stitching was easier to remove, and then after the tea I hand-stitched it back in to match the other two tucks, which I had been meaning to do for a year and a half.)  I borrowed the adorable black spencer jacket from Stefanie, which dressed up my Blue Day Dress nicely.  

Inside, our private room upstairs was all set for our tea:  

We perused the menus while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive.

I kept my bonnet on, as I hadn't had time to complete my new cap, and a married lady must have a cap!

There were many lovely bonnets in attendance:

And I greatly admired the caps of some of my fellow married ladies:

We chatted pleasantly amongst ourselves while waiting for our tea.

The tea was delicious!

We each got our own individual teapot with unlimited refills (most of us tried two different varieties) from a vast selection of teas. 

One of our members brought along a bizarre futuristic contraption that she said would paint our portrait:

Then the food arrived!  Everything was scrumptious, especially the desserts:

After the tea I took Stefanie home, and neither of us wanted to change out of our pretty clothes just yet.  So we went into her backyard and took some pictures for each other:

There are more photos of the event on the RSV Facebook page

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