Thursday, November 5, 2015

Past Event - L'Hermione at Yorktown

I'm very behind on a lot of posts about various events and projects over the past year or so, so bear with me as I play catch-up for the next few posts.  

RSV members Kathleen, myself, Charles, Kimberlee, and Peter
(Brian the Engineer was there as well - he took the photo.)

On June 5, the replica French frigate L'Hermione made landfall at Yorktown, Virginia.  I wish I could have been there when they pulled in, but it was a Friday and I had to work.  But on Saturday members of the Regency Society of Virginia met up and toured the ship.  Not all of us were able to get in the same tour time together, but we did get some pictures.

LOTS of pictures ahead: 

One of the sailors, Adam, stopped by to say hello while we were waiting for our tour time.  He was excited to see people dressed up, even if our time period was a little late for the Lafayette theme.

We learned that he was from the Boston area, and he traveled to France just to sail with L'Hermione on her maiden voyage.  AND he wore his 18th Century sailor's garb the entire voyage. 

Some of us then wandered off toward the pier together, stopping for photographic opportunities along the way.

The four of us (me, Peter, Kimberlee, and Brian - again taking the picture) had tickets for the 11:00 tour

And even though Brian wasn't in costume, I had to get some shots of him, too.

Time for our tour!

It was all self-guided, so we mostly just wandered around on deck and looked at interesting things.  There were plenty of crew members on hand if we felt like asking questions, but I didn't think of anything intelligent enough to ask.  I was just excited about being on a tall ship!

Brian was excited, too.

Brian, being an engineer, was geeking out slightly over the navigation equipment:

I noticed this grate in the floor and peered through to see people getting food from tables below decks - it was evidently the crew's lunchtime:

We got some shots with a French sailor or two:


And we watched the sailors working, which was fascinating:


I was intrigued by all the different colors of ropes.
Yorktown shore from the ship

This gorgeous carving was inside the lid of a large wooden chest where they were taking donations.
The tickets were free, so this was just a free-will offering.
Back on shore, I met Lauren (Lady of Portland House) and Lauren (American Duchess)!

I don't know how I look so calm in these photos.  I was inwardly squee-ing, let me tell you!
After we got home, I had Brian take a few more photos before I changed out of my dress, because I wanted to capture how much my hem had picked up muddy water from the very soggy ground we were walking on all day:

I was rather annoyed with it at first, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I had to let it go.

Also, Lauren said it was "patina" and made my dress more authentic.  :)
Much of this did wash out, but there is still a faint tinge of dirt at the back. 

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