Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Past Event - Mother's Day Tea at Bacon's Castle

On May 9, the day before Mother's Day, the Regency Society of Virginia hosted a tea at Bacon's Castle in Surry, Virginia.  Several of us ladies volunteered to either serve the tea or act as hostess for one of the five tables of guests.  We arrived early to help set up: 

So many lovely caps:

I wore my very own brand-new cap, which is proper headwear for a married lady:

The chemisette was new, too.  Adding it to my Blue Day Dress and Sheer Overdress changed the look significantly, I think.  

We might be perfectionists.
The tables were so pretty!

An RSV member, Victoria, is a volunteer at Bacon's Castle.  She portrays various ladies who have lived in the house at different time periods.  For the tea, she was Louisiana Hankins:

We, of course, were fascinated by her futuristic fashion:

During the tea, she read letters from Mrs. Hankins to her daughters - in keeping with the Mother-Daughter theme of the tea.

This table had four generations of the same family (and one RSV hostess):

And they all had fabulous hats!

My table had a mother with three daughters: 

They were all very excited to be there, and we had some lovely conversations.  They had many questions about my attire. 

Kathleen played her beautiful Irish harp, providing a lovely ambiance for the afternoon:

After I got home from the tea (after cleaning up and packing away all the china) I had Brian take some pictures for me.  I wanted to showcase the cap and chemisette, plus the flowers out front were so pretty: 

The back of the cap:

I must blog about it soon. 

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