Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twelfth Night is the Best Night

On Saturday Brian the Engineer and I attended our second Twelfth Night dinner put on by the Regency Society of Virginia.  Like last year's dinner, it was held at Hanover Tavern in Hanover, Virginia.  Unlike last year, this time I remembered to bring my camera! 

We arrived early, having remembered from last year that the tavern is not *quite* where the GPS thinks it is - but we didn't miss it and have to backtrack this time!  We mingled with the other early-comers, all gathering in the room off of our reserved dining room with the lovely fireplace and portrait shown above.  Our waiter brought us drinks, and we conversed in a lively and diverting manner. 

Mmmmmm... moscato!

Brian opted to wear modern formal wear for the occasion, as he finds it more comfortable than his tailcoat and trousers.  A couple of the other gentlemen did, as well. 

Such handsome gentlemen!
Such lovely ladies!

At this point in the evening, I believe the conversation had turned to Star Wars: 

After half an hour or so of mingling, we made our way to the dining room: 

I was diligent about documenting everything this time! 

The salad course: 

More spirited conversation ensued as we finished our salads. 

The main course: 

I had the steak medallions, because steak.
Brian had the chicken, and we shared half portions with each other.  Both entrees were delicious!
And the dessert: 

This brownie was super rich!  I wasn't able to finish mine and had to box it up - after I ate all the ice cream!
After-dinner gossip: 

"Can you believe she didn't finish her brownie?"
"I'll finish it for her!"
And of course the obligatory sonic screwdriver picture:

Me trying to light a fire, forgetting that "it doesn't do wood!"
(I had lost my sonic for a few months, which was terribly upsetting.  I finally found it hiding among our board games last month!  This was its first outing after its long incarceration.)

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