Thursday, July 5, 2012

Past Projects - Stage Makeup Class

In the spring semester of 2008 I took an awesome class at Coe College - Stage Makeup!  I learned the proper way to create highlights and shadows for an ideal stage face, as well as how to manipulate those elements to create a variety of facial shapes - from stoutness to thinness.  We also did old age makeup, period makeup, scars & wounds, animal stylization, and fantasy.  I took pictures of my favorites - see more after the break!

Scars & Wounds:

This was probably my favorite unit - bruises are so fun!  :p
The research for Scars & Wounds was rather gruesome, but creating the beat-up look was surprisingly enjoyable.  My favorite part was layering the rainbow of colors necessary to simulate a realistic bruise.

I was also amused by the fact that the fake blood was mint flavored.
Animal Stylization:  
Chelsea the white tiger
I am probably the most proud of my work on the Animal Stylization unit.  I chose a white tiger because cats are awesome, and I felt that the complexity of the tiger's stripes presented a unique challenge.  Plus I have blue eyes already, so it seemed to suit me well.  

The first two shots are of my practice run.  For the final presentation, I also used temporary white hair color to put stripes in my hair: 

In my research I discovered that real tigers' facial stripes are not perfectly symmetrical.
I built this approximate symmetry into my design schematic.
Grrrr!  I had fun trying to scare my camera.  :p  

"O, thenI see Queen Mab hath been with you." - Mercutio
For the Fantasy unit, I chose Queen Mab from Mercutio's speech in Romeo & Juliet.  I always loved that speech, and I had fun imagining what the fairies' midwife would look like.  

I chose a butterfly for her eye mask, with stars down one cheek...
...and the moon along the other.
Cubist Painting:  
This one was tricky...
I can't begin to tell you how incredibly difficult it is to translate a cubist painting - an image which has been flattened and stretched - back onto a 3D surface such as my face.  This is the painting I got to work with:  

Nusch Éluard. 1937 - by Pablo Picasso
The really hard part was the eyes:  

Ever tried to draw on top of your own eyelids?  It's tricky because - get this - your eyes have to be closed!  :p
Left side
Right side
Side note:  Did you know that you can upload a photo to Google and use it to search for other images like it?  That's how I found the painting when all I had was a physical print-off and no title to go on.  Technology is amazing!  

While Stage Makeup may not seem like a particularly practical skill, I have actually used it since this class.  I also have an opportunity to use it again for an upcoming project, which I'm sure I'll blog about when the time comes.  Stay tuned!  

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