Thursday, July 19, 2012

Past Projects - Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2010

My sister Gretchen and I had a blast at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival over Labor Day weekend 2010. I made both of our costumes, adding a new underskirt and sleeves to my Blue Gown from the Michigan Renaissance Faire the previous year.  

I also made myself a new headdress.  I used a scrap of velour from my bodice, the necklace I had worn in my hair with this costume the first time, and added a chiffon veil and gold cord.  I was still working on it during the drive up from Iowa, and realized much too late that I hadn't brought anything to stuff it with!  I checked the glove compartment for napkins or something to use in a pinch, and found an old plastic Hawaiian lei.  It fit perfectly, so that's what I used!  :p  

Don't we look lovely?  
My favorite part of Gretchen's costume is definitely the snood.  It works perfectly with her short, curly hair.  

I took a lot of pictures of Gretchen's costume.  

Ready to try the archery range
Showing off her riches - lace cuffs and sparkly jewels

It was a day among knights, and we enjoyed every minute of it!  

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