Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Past Projects - Michigan Renaissance Faire 2009

Every girl's a sucker for a knight in shining armor...  or even just armor.  

The 2009 Michigan Renaissance Faire was such a blast!  Although I lived in Iowa at the time, I made the seven-hour trip out to Grand Rapids over Labor Day weekend to visit my cousin Melissa.  Saturday morning we made the much shorter trip (only two hours) to Holly, Michigan for the Faire.  It was well worth the effort, and I had a grand time walking around in my beautiful costume.

We went with Melissa's brother Eric, and a friend of hers from college and previous Renaissance Faires - Meghan.
Getting ready in the parking lot...
Me with my cousins Eric and Melissa - she made her gown and his cape.  
For those of you who are wondering what happened to the silver velvet cape I made for my Padmé Family Gown, Melissa is wearing it as the overskirt for her gorgeous blue gown!

Me, Melissa, and Meghan - who also made her own costume.  
Meghan has her own blog - Bits and Bobbles.  You can check out more of her awesome costumes there.

Melissa and me sitting pretty
The four of us in our festive attire
Melissa and I braided each other's hair for the event.  She also put half of hers up in a bun so she could wear the awesome silver tiara she made in a jewelry-making class in high school, and curled the rest in rags overnight.

I also made my headpiece, which was originally a very long necklace.  I had wanted to make a real head covering from the leftover velour for my bodice, but I didn't have time.  I did end up making it for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival the following year, however.

Brother and sister - don't they look dashing?
Melissa plays at being a damsel in distress
Melissa and Meghan practicing their archery skills
Me at the archery range - I'm a terrible shot!  :p
The faire had a Robin Hood theme that weekend.  We had fun watching the actors play out Little John's capture by the Sheriff of Nottingham and subsequent rescue by Robin Hood and Will Scarlet.  

Melissa with her friends Robin Hood and Little John - they had worked together at a previous Renaissance Faire. 
I loved Prince John's costume!  
The lovely Maid Marion
Random shots of other people in costumes that I liked:  

This girl made her gorgeous Elizabethan gown!

Eric trying on a beautiful leather vest at one of the shops.   
An exotic belly dancer
Two upper-class ladies in all their finery
An unruly band of pirates
And one last group shot to top off the day:

Us girls with Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men!  That's the Sheriff of Nottingham scowling over my left shoulder.

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