Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Past Projects - Padmé Light Blue Tatooine Gown

This is my take on Padmé's light blue Tatooine gown from Star Wars:  Attack of the Clones.  It was the third costume I wore to Celebration III - a Star Wars convention in May 2005.  I plan on remaking this one in the future, as the fabric I used the first time is too heavy, and doesn't drape or flow nicely.  

Nevertheless, it was a fun costume to make, and very comfortable to wear.  It was a rainy and wet Saturday morning as I waited in line to get into the convention, and all I had to do to stay warm was cross my arms across my stomach.  The long sleeves formed by the cape kept me covered and comfy.  :)

The construction was very complicated, and I never fully achieved the screen-accurate look I was going for. I ended up with a rather simplified version of the wrapped bodice of the original.  

I used one very long strand of silver Mardi Gras-type beads for the skirt decoration.  

From a distance it looks pretty close to the original, I think.  

I made myself a rubber stamp for the silver motifs along the edge of the cape sleeves and scattered all over the back.  I then stamped them on with silver acrylic paint, following the random pattern of the movie version as closely as possible.  I realized about halfway through that I had made my stamp too large.  

When I remake this costume I will change several things.  I will probably also sell the original, if anyone is interested...  ;)

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