Wednesday, March 27, 2019

1790s Tea Party

On Sunday I got to attend another one of Carolyn's fabulous parties!  This one's theme was 1790s, which was a new decade for me.  I ended up making two new gowns and a new set of stays, and I decorated a pair of shoes and styled a wig - another new experience for me!  I'll blog about each of these projects separately, but for now here are my photos from the event.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen quite a few of them already!)

I arrived right on time and already dressed, which is unusual for me.  But it means I got to join the group that was gathered outside taking photos in front of a lovely ivy-covered wall:

Taylor, Carolyn, Aubry, Deborah, Bridget
Most people had already had their turn when I showed up, but I got this shot of the lovely Ginger:

Lauren was kind enough to take these photos of me:

Jewelry by Dames a la Mode

These shoes make me so happy!

The blue decorations are on shoe clips, so I can change them out or leave the shoes plain.
After the photo shoot, we continued the party indoors.  Carolyn had decorated her beautiful high ceilings with garlands of flowers, and I tried to get a couple photos of them:

Bridget, Debora, Taylor, Lauren
Mostly I just took candid photos of people enjoying the ambiance:

Robin and Rob
Sarah and Jessica
Leia, looking serene
And playing cards:

Ginger, Lauren, Taylor, Bridget, Deborah, Jenny-Rose, Katy, Carolyn

Chatting and socializing:

Cait, Carol, Nastassia, Emma

Sarah, Leia, Robin, Rob

Jenny-Rose, looking regal
Aubry and Leia, chilling on the floor
Partway through the afternoon, a small group of us went for a brief walk around the block, since it was such a nice day.  We stopped at the same wall of ivy for a round of photos for those who weren't there for the first photo shoot:

Cait, looking windswept and fabulous

And we found this lovely flowering tree:

Emma, being elegant

Nastassia, Carol, Emma

My shoes looked like this after our walk!

I think I can clean the shoe clips, though. I'm pretty sure it's just dust that my skirt hem swept onto my toes, and the velvet ribbon grabbed onto.

Back inside, I couldn't resist getting some photos in my pink gown with a pink drink:

Finally, Ginger and Carolyn were standing together in just absolutely beautiful light after coming back from their walk, and I had to get a pic of them together!

Then someone insisted that I jump in, too.  Jessica took these pictures:

Such a lovely time with lovely people!  


  1. Another lovely outfit - I'm looking forward to reading all about it.