Sunday, February 16, 2014

Regency Valentine's Social

Last Sunday I attended a Valentine's Social at Riddick's Folly with fellow members of the Regency Society of Virginia.  I wore my new Blue Velveteen Bodice with my Apron-Front Gown and cream striped bonnet, to which I added a blue satin ribbon on a whim.  

The social was lovely, with games and music and dancing, and our hosts at the house museum were very gracious.  We were told to make ourselves at home, and given free rein of the museum's four floors.

Exploring the house:

Pretty cross-stitch sampler
Love these Regency-era portraits!  

My shoes are a pair I bought at a garage sale years ago, with the adorable beaded shoe clips included.  

A cast-iron fluter!  I want one.  

This crazy quilt was very cool!  
I loved the toys - especially the Noah's Ark set!  It's just like the one Felicity had.  
Cute little gorilla!  
There are more photos to be seen on the RSV Facebook page, as well as my own.

My new bodice is fun to wear, although I need to adjust the armscyes to make it more comfortable, and I'm not entirely satisfied with the front closure and how plain it is.  I'll probably add some trim to it before I wear it next.

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