Friday, July 6, 2012

Past Projects - Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity!

"Ever sail in a Firefly?"
Kaylee was my first non-Star Wars costume.  I made it for Halloween in 2006, and had a blast wearing it around campus at Coe College.  I had a theatre tech lab that semester in the scene shop, so this costume proved as practical as it was comfortable.  When I got hydraulic oil on my hands I just wiped them on the jumpsuit, which only made the outfit more authentic since Kaylee is a mechanic!  :p  

My starting materials
I bought the jumpsuit and shoes on ebay.  I found the teddy bear patch and parasol by following links that Maggie at Costumer's Guide recommended.  Painting the parasol was the most time-consuming aspect of this costume.  I'm a perfectionist and wanted to get the most screen-accurate look possible.  

The parasol is also just incredibly fun!  
The Chinese jacket was given to me by my roommate at the time, and was really the basis for this whole endeavor.  All I had to do was assemble the other pieces, take in the jumpsuit as it was several sizes too big, add some cute patches, and paint the parasol.  

A much more challenging project was the doll-sized version I made in 2008 for a collaboration with repaint artist Laurie Leigh.  We sold the doll she painted and the outfits I made for her on ebay.  

It's Kaylee squared!  
More photos of the doll costumes can be seen on my doll website - CC's Doll Boutique.  


  1. It's your mini-me! I'm beginning to question my choice of jumpsuit, as it is heavy canvas. Is yours canvas or cotton? Love the umbrella paint job!

  2. Mine is cotton. It might be more comfortable than canvas, but I don't know if it's more accurate or not. Thanks for the kind words! I love that umbrella. :)