Wednesday, January 23, 2019

2018 Year in Review

It's not too late for a Year in Review, is it?  Well, considering I posted last year's on January 31, I'll allow it.  :p  

2018 Projects

The Buttercup Dress
The Hufflebustle
Tucked Linen Dress
Floral Cotton Dress
Pink Silk Spencer
The Accidental Dress
As you can see, I made nearly as many garments for Reptar as for myself!  She's so fun to sew for.  I still need to blog about her floral cotton dress, which she has worn twice now in two iterations.  And I need to blog about my pink Spencer, and take some decent pictures of it!  

2018 Events

RSV Twelfth Night Dinner - January 13
Williamsburg Spring Stroll - May 5 (Photo by In the Long Run)
Victoria Day Party - May 19 (Photo by In the Long Run)
18th Century Indoor Picnic - June 2 (Photo by - you guessed it - In the Long Run)
Victorian Fashion Show - June 23
RSV Ladies' Retreat - September 27-30
Hogwarts Tea - October 27
RSV Trafalgar Ball - November 17
Looking back over the year, I am quite impressed with how many events I was able to get to!  Sometimes life with a toddler can feel very constricting, but I am lucky that I have a husband who encourages me to continue indulging in my hobby as much as possible.  I also see how far behind I am on blogging about my projects and adventures!  I'll work on that, I promise.  I'm already two events into 2019, so I'd better catch up fast!  


  1. I'm impressed that you get any costuming done at all! Reptar looks so adorable in the photo from the indoor picnic, and in her floral dress.