Thursday, January 24, 2019

2019 Costuming Plans

Not sure if this is funny or sad, but I was looking at my 2018 Plans blog post and read that my first seven planned garments were the exact same seven garments that I had planned to make at the beginning of 2017...  And all seven are now on my list for this year!  ...Along with five of the six other garments I had planned to make last year.  :(

Here's a quick recap:

2017 Plans

1:  A sheer blue drawstring dress.  2:  A black & ivory apron-front dress.  3: A cream wool apron-front dress.

None of these dresses have happened yet, even though I have the fabrics for all of them!

4:  Short stays

I've changed this to "new stays" because my old ones are getting very worn and tired.

5:  A pink bodiced petticoat. This will join my yellow and white ones.  I also have the fabric for this, and it has not been started.

6:  A pink silk Spencer.  7:  A pink silk bonnet.


I have made the Spencer!  It's not quite finished, because I want to add a ruffle to the neck like my inspiration image above, but it is wearable and I have worn it.  And I have started the matching pink bonnet!  Progress!

2018 Plans

8:  Finish my Pleated Back Gown from the B&T Workshop

Still not done.  This project intimidates me for some unknown reason.  Every time I pick it up I get anxiety about it.  Also, I still need to blog about the workshop.  :|

9:  Re-make the bodice of the Big Bad Plaid Dress.

Still not done, though I've worn it again anyway.  :p

10 & 11:  Finish Brian the Engineer's waistcoats

Still not done.  :(

12:  Hufflepuff Bustle Gown

Hey!  I made this one!  And I've worn it five time already!  :D  

2019 Plans

13:  Painted Sari Gown

I have the most beautiful painted silk sari, which is just begging to be made into a Regency gown!  

14:  Add sleeves to The Accidental Dress

It was such a quick-and-dirty project, but I actually love the resulting garment!  And I've been wanted a black Regency dress for a while.  But it needs sleeves.  

15. Outerwear (various eras)

I have very nebulous ideas of what I want here.  I just know I don't want to be cold at outdoor events anymore.  :p  

2019 Projects

I've actually finished one new ensemble already!  I will blog about it soon, but here's a teaser:  

The Hufflebee!
And I have made one extremely quick-and-dirty little navy wool capelet for an impromptu 1860s skating party:  

More on that later, too!  

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