Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Hufflebustle - Victorian House Photo Shoot

This post will be mostly photos, with very little writing.  Just a little background on the house - it's a Queen Anne style house built in 1901, so my 1880s ensemble is a hop out of time.  But the style of house was around in 1885, so I'll allow it.  

The house was a private residence when I was growing up, but ten years ago the local historical society restored it to its former glory, along with the beautiful gardens outside.  The museum is available for tours by appointment only, so we didn't get any indoor photos.  Maybe another visit.  

I found a bumblebee on this clump of flowers!

You can almost see him in these photos:

Across the street from the house was this gorgeous weeping willow!  I've always loved these trees.

And then I was photobombed by a cat.

Even more photos can be found on my Facebook page.  I had a really hard time narrowing it down!

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