Thursday, July 5, 2018

An 18th Century "Picnic"

The first weekend of June, we were supposed to have two back-to-back picnics in two different eras, but both in the same general area of northern Virginia.  The Saturday picnic was going to be at Montpelier, with a Georgian theme.  The Sunday picnic would have been at Colvin Run Mill, in Regency attire.  I somehow convinced Brian the Engineer that it would be fun to drive up Saturday morning for the 18th Century picnic in the afternoon, stay overnight in a hotel and get up for the Regency picnic Sunday morning, before heading back home.  All this with an almost-one-year-old.  (I think what convinced him was when I told him he didn't need to dress out for either event.)

However, since it was apparently monsoon season in the mid-Atlantic region, both events got rained out!  :(  The Saturday picnic got moved indoors, but the Sunday picnic was canceled.  Well, less sewing for me, I guess.  :p

We still had fun on Saturday!  The "picnic" got moved into the function room of Janine's apartment building, and we made the best of it.  The spread was amazing: 

Photo by In the Long Run
Photo by In the Long Run
Photo by In the Long Run
Our hosts, Maggie and Gloria - along with photographer par excellence Mike - thank Janine for providing us with the last-minute indoor location option:  

I love Janine's expression in this shot:  

We managed to get this group shot out in the courtyard before the storms rolled in: 

Photo by In the Long Run
Everyone was dressed so gorgeously! 

I met several new friends, which is always a bonus at these outings.  :)

And now for baby spam pictures! 

I had so much fun making her little dress!  I sewed all the tucks in the bodice by hand, but the ones in the skirt by machine: 

She was fascinated by my fan: 

She was pretty popular, as always:

And she pulled off her stockings, also as usual: 

Papa likes making her giggle: 

Dunmore shoe shot! 

My outfit for the day was a reprise of my Floral Jacket and Coral Petticoat.  The mitts and hat are the same as before, but this time I added my new kerchief and a silk ribbon sash.  

The ribbon was one of my purchases at Fort Frederick Market Fair two years ago, which is where I first wore this ensemble. 

Thank you Mike and Gloria for these gorgeous candid shots of me and Reptar! 

Photo by In the Long Run
Photo by In the Long Run
Photo by In the Long Run
Finally, I leave you with a tip for any other new mothers who also do historical costuming:  Boppy pillow bags make great storage/transportation solutions!  I can fit a full set of undergarments and accessories in one, for practically any era: 

One will hold several petticoats, stays/corset, bustle/pocket hoops folded flat, etc.  They're so handy! 

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