Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Buttercup Dress

I made Reptar's second Regency dress from a soft yellow striped wool because it was for a winter event - the Regency Society's Twelfth Night Dinner I've blogged about previously.  I wanted her to be warm and comfy, and the yellow is so lovely with her complexion:

Isn't she cute?
I made the dress Regency-esque, from a modern pattern:

I used scraps of wool left over from my (unfinished) yellow gown I started in the Burnley & Trowbridge workshop last fall.  First I made sure I had enough to make a matching petticoat for my gown, then gathered the leftover pieces.

I used the pattern as a guide for the basic shapes, but cut them much wider than the pattern called for:

I have no in-progress shots, because of course I was sewing on a deadline.  So here are photos of the finished gown:

The bodice and skirt are all one piece, with just the drawstring to create a waist:

I turned down the top edge to make the neckline casing, and used bias tape to make the drawstring casing for the waistline.

The sleeves also got drawstrings in the hems:

AndI decided I wanted double-puffed sleeves, so I added a second drawstring to the middle of the sleeves:

I was gifted both the adorable cap she wore, and two children's shifts (which were too long, so I added growth tucks to the skirt of the one she wore), and I bought a pair of children's cotton stockings from Colonial Williamsburg which I altered to fit her:

She was the cutest little buttercup!


  1. Baby Reptar is the cutest little one and these pictures are precious!

    1. Thanks! I like that I can share her cuteness with the world. :)