Saturday, October 18, 2014

Epic Nerdiness

Today Brian the Engineer and I attended Tidewater Comicon at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  I wore my Amy Pond Kiss-o-Gram costume again, which was incredibly fun.  I got pictures with several other Doctor Who characters, including three Fourth Doctors:

 Two Tenth Doctors:

Eight Eleventh Doctors:

(The kids were my favorites!)

Look at the cute little Dalek!  *squee*

And one other Amy Pond:

I counted a total of nine TARDIS dresses, but I only got pictures with a couple:

This one was by far the coolest!

We got a lot more pictures, which I have posted on Facebook.

I meant to do more with the costume this time around, like add pockets to the vest and embroider the big "POLICE" on the back, but I didn't take the time.  My only additions were the button on the hat (which is supposed to be silver, but I couldn't find one I liked) and the red nail polish.

It's amazing how much more I felt like Amy Pond with this small detail.  :p

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