Thursday, June 27, 2013

Regency Days at Fort Norfolk

This past weekend marked the bicentennial of the Battle of Craney Island, a little-known but strategically significant battle of the War of 1812.  To commemorate the event, people from all over the state came for re-enactments, living history, authentic 1813-era church services, and a Victory Ball.  I participated in much of this, though my involvement mainly consisted of wearing my Regency dresses and feeling pretty.

Caution:  This is a picture-intensive post.

My Saturday started much like any other - with me ironing in a petticoat and pin curls:

(Not actually a normal Saturday activity.)
I was ironing my newly-completed apron-front gown for the ball that evening, in case I didn't have time to do it later.  I wore my blue day dress from previous Regency events, with my straw-brimmed bonnet and a cream satin sash for a different look.  And of course I wore my American Duchess stockings and Pemberley shoes!

Brian the Engineer and I journeyed to Fort Norfolk, where there was a lot going on.

You gotta love a fife and drum.
These two were so cute!  
Re-enacting is so fun.

This guy could tell you anything you wanted to know about 19th Century medical supplies and equipment.  

Yes, these beds were being slept in as part of the re-enacting weekend.  
It seemed like quite a cozy set-up, actually.  
I mean, at least they weren't sleeping in the dungeon.  
There was also a temporary museum set up in one of the buildings.  

I was enchanted by the tiny lace baby bonnet.  

I still had a bit of sewing left to do - attaching the buttons to the cockades I helped make for the Victory Ball.  

At least I wasn't still sewing on my dress!  :p  

At noon there was a flag-raising ceremony, with a 15-star American flag.

Watching the ceremony with my new friend Erin  
And her adorable baby boy

Afterwards everyone processed to the water's edge for a wreath-laying ceremony to honor the fallen.

We heard from both the American and British military about the Battle of Craney Island.

And of course the traditional gun salute.

Hip, hip, huzzah!
Later there was a delicious tea hosted by the Daughters of 1812.

And then more wandering around the fort:

Brian the Engineer had to find a manly photo-op, of course.  
Cannons are serious business.  

And we got a historical perspective on the battle from both sides:


And American:

Jordan and I were listening intently.  
I swear I wasn't bored by the presentation - just tired from the day.  
My hair was tired, too.  :p  
Things I Learned from my first re-enactment experience:
  1. Sunscreen is not optional.  
  2. Neither is water.  
  3. Boyfriends have pockets.  :)  
Bonus:  Sonic Screwdriver pics!

"Hmmm... Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey."  

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