Saturday, May 18, 2013

RSV Regency Spring Picnic

I'm a bad blogger.  I went to the Regency Society of Virginia spring picnic two weeks ago and still haven't posted pictures!  I did put them up on my facebook page, with no captions or extra effort whatsoever, so that hardly counts.  I could make excuses about moving and adjusting to my new life in Virginia (including the fact that I've been doing so much more driving - and sitting in traffic - than I'm used to) but the plain and simple fact is that I just haven't made blogging a priority.  I will get back to posting regularly soon, I hope.

In the meantime, pics!  I had a lovely time at the picnic, even if it was a bit chilly and windy and kept threatening to rain.  We just wrapped up in shawls and carried on anyway.

Our lovely venue - Bacon's Castle

We all gathered on the lawn and set out our food and drink contributions - it was quite a spread!

(Removing the anachronistic plastic wrap)
Look at all the yummies!  
My contribution - Shrewsbury Cakes!
Then we loaded up our plates and sat on our blankets to enjoy the scrumptious food and delightful company.

There were games...

Battledore and shuttlecock
Trees to climb and nature to discover...

And of course dancing!

That's me in the blue dress and green shawl.  

Those of us who were interested also took a tour of the manor, which was built in 1665!  We learned about its history and the uses of the various rooms at different points in time.  It was really quite fascinating.  We were also free to tour the gardens, which were lovely.

Even if it was a little chilly!  
My outfit for the day consisted of my blue day dress that I wore to the ball in March, my new American Duchess shoes and stockings, a shawl borrowed from my roommate, and an unfinished bonnet.  I threw my hairstyle together at the very last minute, using my fingers and a hair dryer to create some face-framing curls.

Had to get some pictures of the hair before I left, in case the curls died later.  Which they did.  :p  

Obligatory full-length dress shots

My next post will be on my (now) completed bonnet.  I like it much better with the embellishments I added since the picnic.  :)


  1. I like the interesting curl between the twist. I need some inspiration today. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks! My hair's too long to make the real face-framing curls, and I refuse to cut bangs! :p

  2. Looks like a lovely venue! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate, but it looks like everyone was having fun anyway!


    1. It really is a lovely place - I wish now I'd gotten more pictures! I guess this means I'll have to go back... :D