Sunday, June 30, 2013

1813 Remembrance Service

The Craney Island Bicentennial weekend continued with an 1813-era church service and a wreath-laying ceremony honoring War of 1812 veterans buried at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Norfolk.  

So last Sunday morning once again found my ironing in my skivvies.

I had worn my new apron-front gown to the ball the evening before, so it needed to be pressed again.  I wore it with my straw-brimmed bonnet, a cream sash, and my cockade from the ball.

Lovely ladies dressed for church:

Chatting in the pews before the service:

I was teasing Jackie that her camera was the same color as her bonnet.  :p  

Such a pretty church!  
 I didn't take any photos during the service itself, since that would rather spoil the mood.  Afterwards, we went out to the cemetery for the wreath-laying ceremony.

Mrs. Madison was again in attendance.  

The Daughters of the War of 1812 had helped organize the ceremony.  

Laying the wreaths:

Musket salute:

Listening to "Taps"
Back inside the church, we paused for some group photos.

I loved his cane.  
It's made of wood from the USS Constitution!  
After the ceremony there was a luncheon reception.

Yummy food!

Chatting around the punch bowl  
Obligatory shoe shot!  I count three Pemberlies.  :p  
Then back outside for more photo ops!

I do so love how Regency dresses look from the back.  

We have found a pavilion...

And so we must dance!

 We even goofed around a bit and took some "mourning" shots by one of the graves.

The cemetery was actually quite picturesque.


  1. Lovely pictures! It looks like fun. I wish there were more people near me that liked to dress up and get together. :)


    1. It is so much fun to dress up with other people! Keep looking for them, cuz they're out there. :)