Monday, July 20, 2020

Regency Capsule Wardrobe - Look Number Two

On Day Two of our Jane Austen tour, I wore my new Sleeveless Summer Spencer and White Striped Petticoat: 

The petticoat fabric is from Burnley & Trowbridge

I accessorized with my Green Straw Bonnet, aquamarine earrings from Dames a la Mode, green vintage gloves, a blue wool shawl, blue cotton stockings, and brown Dashwood shoes from American Duchess.  I brought along my green dyed fan in my reticule, but it never got warm enough to use it.  Bah.

The shawl actually ended up being pretty essential, as it was a typical English summer day!  😆

These flowers were beautiful, though.  This was at Sydney Gardens.

The garden at the Jane Austen House Museum:  

I just kept finding flowers to pose with!  I have to say, the English do love their gardens.  This was a park in Winchester:

I did make the petticoat a few inches too long, and it sadly dragged on the ground and got wet and muddy from the rain.  This was especially unfortunate, as I was planning to wear it again later that week!  I was able to wash it, but I couldn't get all of the dirt out of the back hem.  :(  I got it passable enough to wear again that Saturday, and I plan to shorten it before I wear it again. 

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