Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fort Frederick Market Fair 2016

Back in April, I finally attended the Fort Frederick annual 18th Century Market Fair for the first time.

I already blogged about my ensemble for the day here, but I never got around to posting about the actual event!  I went with two of my good friends, Elizabeth and Carlie:

It's a shame we didn't have any fun.
Since it's rather far from where we all live, we drove up on Friday after they got off work and shared a hotel room.  Elizabeth helped me attach the ruffle to my petticoat while Carlie finished something last-minute on her gown, which she made herself.  It was nice to not be the only one sewing feverishly the night before an event for once!  :p

Elizabeth's photo
We started the day by touring the fort itself, which was very cool.  We met a camp of soldiers inside who were telling us the history of the fort, and pointing out where the walls had been built back up and the foundations of buildings that aren't there anymore.

There was one spot where we could climb up a flight of stairs to look out over the wall, which turned out to be a very windy spot:

Elizabeth's photo
It was so windy, in fact, that my hat blew away!

Elizabeth very kindly went down and fetched it for me, then took this photo of me waving down at her.
Hi Elizabeth!
The view from the wall was very nice, despite the wind.

Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth's photo
We spent the rest of the day roaming around the tents, browsing and shopping.

Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth's photo
We took a break at midday for a picnic lunch in the parking lot, then hit the tents again.  There were so many vendors, it was impossible to see them all in one day!  I think we got to about 75% of them, though.  The site map they gave us at the entrance was very helpful.  My feet were killing me by the end of the day, but it was so worth it.

Naturally, we got pictures of the sonic screwdriver in action:

Don't worry - I didn't actually lock my keys in the trunk!
Interesting reading...
I purchased several items from various sutlers:

Solid body lotion from Lafayette River Company, ribbon from The Ribbonry, scissors and snips from Mountain Forge, tatting shuttle from Bull Mountain Weaving, and vintage gloves from Turkey Roost Traders - full sutler list here.
And I finally found purple wool!  I'd been looking for some for a while, because Brian the Engineer has requested a purple greatcoat.  I was so pleased to find it, and it was a good price, too!

Purchased from 96 District Fabrics
One last shot of the three of us before we had to head home:

It was such a fun event!  Next time I'd like to go for two days, though.  It really is too much to do in one day.

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