Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fabric Shopping and Suffragette Plans

So what did I buy at my favorite fabric store while wearing the dress I made from the fabric I bought there on my last visit?  Well, fabric, of course:

Cream rayon, gray, blue, & brown houndstooth wool, purple rayon, teal silk chiffon, and off-white wool voile
And petersham ribbon in several widths and colors:  

Here is what I spent:

Notice all the fabric was 50% off!  
Now what am I going to make with my latest haul?  Well, the cream rayon will become Agent Carter-inspired 1940s blouses to go with the rest of my 1940s wardrobe, and the purple rayon will be another 1940s dress.   The teal silk and the off-white wool will most likely end up in my Regency wardrobe in some way or another, but the houndstooth wool is going to branch out into a new era, for me:

Ooooh, Edwardian!
Now, I may be crazy, but I've had this idea that won't let me go:  Dress up as a suffragette to go vote in November!

If you think about it, this is an historic presidential election - a woman running against a...  But I don't want to talk about politics on my blog.  This is a happy place.

However, I want to commemorate the fact that women have only had the right to vote in this country for less than 100 years.  Isn't that amazing?  Men were flying before women could vote.

I've started a Suffragette Inspiration board on Pinterest (in case you couldn't tell), and I'll be adding to that in the next few weeks.  For now, here is my main outfit inspiration image, the suit on the left:

In addition to the Butterick pattern shown above, which will be useful for the shape of the coat, I have purchased the 1911 Narrow Panel Skirt and 1903 Plain Blousewaist from Truly Victorian.  I just need fabric for the blouse, some undergarments, and accessories.  And finally, an "I Voted" sticker!


  1. What a fabulous idea! I look forward to seeing your progress :)
    By the way, have you seen the suffrage virtual exhibit at the National Women's History Museum website? It's pretty great!

    1. No, I haven't - I'll have to check that out, thanks!