Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Leisurely Afternoon Stroll

After Saturday's tea, Stacy, my mom and I joined my dad and Brian the Engineer at Fort Monroe for sight-seeing and a fun photo shoot.  Brian took all of these photos (except one, which will be obvious) and directed us where to stand and how to pose.  He has a very good eye for pretty backdrops and naturally-occurring props, and knows when to take candid shots - which usually turn out to be my favorites.  

Stacy, Me, Mom
Caution:  This is a picture-intensive post!

Brian took several photos of us simply walking from one photo op to the next.  In fact, the walking part was a lot of fun, and seemed like it was exactly what Regency ladies would have been doing on a gorgeous day such as this.

I love the airiness of the white gowns.  

We had to inspect the Very Big Gun.

Dad and Brian the Engineer of course had to climb up on the Very Big Gun.

More photos can be found on my Facebook page.  

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