Thursday, January 26, 2017

HSM - Regency Bodiced Petticoat

My entry for the January Historical Sew Monthly challenge - Firsts & Lasts - is my new bodiced petticoat:

I made it at the beginning of this month to wear under my new Sheer Striped Gown. I even did it in the right order, making the petticoat first and fitting the gown over it!

Jazz decided to keep me company while I took pictures.
As discussed in the Sheer Striped Gown post, I made this one slightly different from my yellow bodiced petticoat, which features a flat skirt front and pleated skirt back. I gathered this skirt into the waistband the whole way around, as I knew I would need more room in the front for my growing baby bump.

I also cut the bodice a size larger, as I have definitely grown in that area! So this petticoat does not fit my dress form very well, but it fits me perfectly.

I used hooks and thread eyes to fasten the bodice in the back, instead of buttons and buttonholes. This had the virtue of being quicker to sew, and also makes for a smoother surface under the sheer dress in the back. My wonderful husband, Brian the Engineer, helped me with fitting the bodice to myself.

As before, I took up extra length in the skirt with tucks. 

The skirt itself is just one cut of the full width of my 108" wide cotton muslin, rather than the shaped panels that the pattern calls for. This way I didn't have to finish any long skirt seams on the inside, which take forever. I just used the selvedges.

Jazz also decided to inspect my work.
She seems to approve.
The Challenge:  Firsts & Lasts

Material:  108" wide cotton muslin

Pattern:  La Mode Bagatelle

Year:  1805ish

Notions:  cotton bias tape, cotton twill tape, reed boning, metal hooks

How historically accurate is it?  Reasonably historically accurate as far as pattern and materials, but it's entirely machine-sewn. I'll give it 85%

Hours to complete:  Roughly 6

First worn:  January 9 for a photo shoot with the Sheer Striped Gown

Total cost:  I used approximately 2 yards of 108" wide cotton muslin from JoAnn's, which I believe is normally $9.99/yard - but I would have purchased it with at least a 50% off coupon, so call it $10. All notions came from the stash.

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