Monday, June 4, 2018

Two Sets of Mitts

This is a catch-up post, as I recently realized that I never blogged about either of these pairs of mitts. 

I made the first pair back in 2016: 

They are linen (I'm 90% sure) lined with silk at the tips. 

I made them from the same pattern as my red wool mitts, this time adding seam allowances to all the pieces. 

These are my summer mitts, which are more for sun protection than warmth. 

The second pair may look incredibly similar, but they are completely different fabrics, pattern, and method of construction: 

These are the mitts that I started in the Mitts, Muffs, and Hoods workshop last February - and finished in December! 

They are entirely sewn by hand, and the method is rather interesting.  You finish the raw edges of each piece before attaching the thumbs to the body, and the lining to the tips. 

It was very interesting constructing them in this way.  But they are very comfortable and warm. 

These are my (for now) best pair of winter mitts, but I plan to make more from this pattern soon! 


  1. So pretty, so practical! I love both sets....I just have some boring grey ones but need to get to making some more!

    1. Thanks! I have lots of plans for more sets in different colors and fabrics.