Monday, April 1, 2013

No New Fabric Challenge - March Recap

Three months down, nine to go!

*Whew!*  March was quite a month for me - I turned 28, accepted a new job in a different state, received my first ever blog award, completed two full dresses and one pair of shoes (which comprised one outfit total) and attended my first real historical costuming event!  (I'm not counting Renaissance Faires.)  Of course, next month is going to be the real challenge; that's when I move!





Blue Day Dress

Technically I started this last month, but pretty much all I'd gotten done by March 1 was a bit of planning and a lot of vacillating   The majority of the actual work was done in the two weeks leading up to the ball, culminating in a frenzied all-nighter the day before.

Sheer Striped Overdress

See above.  I wore the two dresses together, as seen here:  

Aren't I pretty.
This project has kindled a growing interest in all things Regency, so watch out!  I forsee spencers, bonnets, and many more high-waisted gowns coming your way in the (somewhat) near future!  

Regency Slippers

These were incredibly fun to make and to wear.  I got so many comments on them at the ball!  They are also extremely comfortable, perfect for dancing all night.  :)  

Rainbow Baby Quilt

This was my *secret project* from last month's update - I couldn't risk the recipient (or rather, the recipient's mother) seeing what I was up to!  Anyway, my best friend from high school had a baby in December, and I went "home" to visit my parents and to see the new little one earlier this month.  My honorary niece is adorable, and quite snuggly!  I hope she gets good use out of her belated birth present.  :)


I don't think I actually bought anything...  The ribbons for my slippers and the yarn for the baby quilt were bought last month.

Stash Items Used:  

3 yds light blue cotton, 2 yds white cotton voile, 1 yd white striped cotton voile, 3 yds eyelet trim, and 14 1/4 yds narrow lace for the Regency dresses.  Shoe dye, royal blue and silver acrylic paints were used for the Regency slippers.  The baby quilt is all scraps compiled from my stash, my mother's stash, and my sister's stash, with backing fabric and batting also from my mother.  

Year-to-date Totals:  

Started:  2 projects

Completed:  10 projects

Purchased:  $30.48 worth of ribbon, stuffing, bias tape, yarn, and embroidery floss

Stash yardage use:  8 yds fabric, approximately 18 yds trim


  1. I think it's great you're not buying any new fabric for the year. I have realized that the amount of fabric I have is way too much...but I'm not sure I could go a year without buying any...but I've bought very, very little this year.
    Your dress and shoes are beautiful! And I love the quilt, so colorful!

    1. Thank you! It's been a challenge, but I'm enjoying it. It helps to do these monthly updates and keep myself on track.

  2. I've been keeping a close eye on your fabric challenge, which has inspired me to curb my fabric purchases as of late.

    I know you've already gotten this award, but here it is again because I think you deserve it twice.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I've inspired someone. :) Personally, I can't decide if it's stifling or liberating, going into a fabric store (to buy notions or tools) and saying to myself "Nope, can't buy that... can't buy that... can't buy that..." :p