Monday, April 15, 2013

Another American Duchess Giveaway!

The fabulous Lauren over at American Duchess has done it again!  She has created a new dyeable satin Regency slipper with optional ribbon loops for endless customization possibilities.  Check out the new Highbury:

Isn't it pretty?  Imagine dancing the night away in these dainty and comfortable slippers, dyed to perfectly match your Regency ballgown!  I have four pairs of American Duchess shoes now, and they are all beautifully made, period-accurate and comfortable for modern feet.

The best part?  You can win a free pair of Highburys just by blogging/tweeting/facebooking, etc about the giveaway!  Enter by April 18 for your chance to win!


  1. Those are adorable! Which other of her shoes do you have? I'd really like to get a pair of the Tavistock boots, but they're just a bit out of my price range... :(


    1. Oh, I know. I LOVE the Tavistock boots! Someday... Anyway, I own two pairs of Devonshires and one of Kensingtons, and I just received my new Pemberlies on Saturday! They actually arrived at my new place a day before I did. :p