Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Costuming Blog Short List

2012 was the year I committed to blogging about my costuming adventures, and it was also a year of discovering many of the fantastic costuming blogs that I now follow.  I wanted to feature a few of my favorites in my last post of 2012, but I was finding it hard to narrow it down.  Finally I decided to do my top ten blogs that I have discovered in the last year which have less than 50 followers.  (Some of these blogs don't have their followers listed, so may have more than 50.)  

An American Seamstress - A lovely costuming blog that also has excellent reference links and a library of costuming/pattern books  

Arachne Attire - A very cool costume blog with an emphasis on Victorian and 18th Century fashions

Before the Automobile - A beautifully photographed blog full of gorgeously detailed costumes and wonderful construction techniques

Classic Costume - A very informative resource full of tips on laundering your costumes, definitions of different fabrics, weaves, and dyes, construction techniques, etc.  

Crazy About Costumes - A versatile blog with a wide variety of costuming interests

Damask Rose Diaries - A relatively new blog with some beautiful handmade corsets

Evie's Tea Room - An adorable vintage-inspired blog

Thread-Headed Snippet - Not only is the blog title a reference to one of my favorite book series of all time (Anne of Green Gables), but the writing style always cracks me up.  

Serena Dyer - The blog of a dress historian, with lots of good academic information

Starfish Lace - Another versatile costuming blogger who writes in both French and English

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