Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 No New Fabric Challenge

Looking back at 2012, I feel like I barely did anything costume-related.  Sure, I accumulated lots of fabric (and curtains) and started quite a few projects, but the only costume I actually completed was the redo of my Padmé Corset Gown.  To rectify this, I have decided to challenge myself in 2013 to plan out what I want to make using only fabric I already have.  I have made a list of planned costumes, and my goal is to complete at least six of these in the next year - in no particular order:

A. Block-printed jacket & linen petticoat - 18th Century

Inspiration:  Woman's Linen Jacket, 1785-90  Victoria & Albert Museum

B. Floral robe a l'anglaise - 18th Century

Inspiration:  Robe à l'Anglaise, 1770-75, Silk, metallic. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
C. Full set of 18th Century undergarments

  • shift
  • stays - started
  • garters
  • pocket(s)
  • bumroll and/or pocket hoops
  • petticoats

D. Whitework embroidered apron - 18th Century

The apron is already sewn, but I want to embroider the central panel. 
E. Embroidered yellow shawl - useful for several time periods

F. 18th Century Accessories
  • mob cap(s)
  • fichu
  • handkerchief(s)
  • velvet muff(s)
  • sewing kit

G. Victorian jacket & overskirt

This is the fabric (a curtain panel) pinned on my dress form over the underskirt I will wear with them.  
H. Victorian bustle & corset - these should probably come first!  :p

I. 1890s short cloak - started

Outer cloak pieces sewn together with trim pinned in place 
J. Curtain-Along cloak - started

I just need to add the hood, lining, and trim
K. Miscellaneous 18th Century petticoats
  • Coral pink - ruffled
  • Yellow
  • Light blue - tucked?
  • Point d'espirit
  • Striped sheer cream
  • Tucked sheer cream
  • Textured red
  • Embroidered gold

L. Embellish shoes

I now have three pairs of American Duchess shoes, and it's time to customize them! 
M. Hat embellishments to match all my (planned) 18th Century gowns

I already have the hat, and my plan is several sets of removeable embellishments. 
N. White muslin "Felicity" dress

Inspiration:  American Girl colonial doll gown
Remember, my plan is to make everything listed above with only fabric that I have in my current stash.  I'm allowed to buy notions to complete projects, but NO NEW FABRIC.

If anyone is interested in joining me in this challenge, let me know in the comments!  

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