Saturday, December 22, 2012

Victorian Post Cards

This recent post on vintage Christmas cards reminded me:  A few years ago I received a beautiful Christmas present from my aunt - a framed collection of vintage post cards.  She made one for all the members of my family.  Here is mine:

She had discovered a whole treasure trove of these cards that one of our ancestors had received from his friends and saved for posterity - and here they are over 100 years later!  She had them all framed for display in these beautiful double-sided glass frames, so that we could see both front and back of these delightful pieces of history.

One of mine was a birthday card, one was never written on but is clearly a Christmas card, and the third seems to be a "just thinking of you" type of greeting.  This last one is the only one with a post mark, and it's dated 1909!  How cool is that?

Also, apparently Decorah, Iowa was such a small town 100 years ago that you didn't actually need someone's address to send them mail - just their name.  My sister lives there now...  Maybe I should give that a try.  :p

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