Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Progress on my Stays

My 18th Century stays are cut out, and two pieces are fully boned so far.  I've had some issues with this project, mainly with the process of transferring marks from the pattern to the fabric.
I apparently bought the wrong kind of tracing paper, because I could not get the marks to show up on my muslin!  And then my fabric marker died on me...  But I got a new one, and got the first stitching lines for the boning marked on all my pieces.

Once I sew along these lines, I'll mark the next lines over at 5/8" to accommodate my 1/2" reed boning.

I love this stuff!
I was worried about being able to cut this boning to the correct length, but it's actually rather soft and easy to shape.  Of course, I also have good scissors (Cutco's Super Shears) and I'm sure that helps.  The reed is also incredibly lightweight, which will be nice since these are going to be fully-boned stays.

So far I have the two side back pieces' boning channels sewn and the boning inserted.

Outside view
Inside view
As you can see, the reed really retains its curve!  I'm hoping this will relax somewhat - though not completely - when the stays are all sewn together.

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