Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Hamilton-Burr Duel

On November 3, the Virginia Beach History Museums put on a recreation of the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel at the Francis Land House, and the RSV sent volunteers to "dress out" at the event.  Reptar and I were two of those volunteers.

The other volunteers and I were given a table to set out the clothing and other items we had brought to show and discuss with the public before the duel. 

In between visitors, we chatted amongst ourselves:

I didn't have a lot of time to chat, as Reptar was very interested in wandering all around, so I spent most of the morning following her.

She also carried her very anachronistic Big Bird everywhere, for a while.

Occasionally I got her to sit down and eat an apple.

Francis Land House had some children's toys available for the public to try out, and Reptar had fun playing with them for a bit. 

Then she was off again!

I promise I didn't spend the whole time chasing after her, but it was pretty close!  Here's the whole RSV group all together:

Chris, myself & Reptar, Brian, and Renee.
Here are my photos from the duel presentation - which was basically a one-act play:

Aaron Burr
Eliza Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
The performers and all the assembled crowd
 I also took these few shots before the presentation:

And then it was Reptar's nap time and I had to get home.  Oh, here's a couple shots of the two of us:

I wore my Sheer Striped Gown with my ruffled chemisette and cap with one of my straw bonnets and newly-completed Pink Silk Spencer (which I have yet to blog about), and Reptar wore her Green Floral Dress with an antique cap.

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