Friday, June 1, 2018

The Hufflebustle - Worn, Not Quite Finished

I have fully embraced the whole "finished, not perfect" mindset when it comes to my costuming.  This is essential, because I so often end up sewing right up to the event in question, and usually have to wear a garment that is pinned in place somewhere.

Case in point:

I wore The Hufflebustle to Carolyn's Victoria Day party on May 19, even though there is a whole list of things I still need to do to fully finish the ensemble.

I need to add boning to the seams on the bodice, which should take care of those unsightly wrinkles on the back.  And I want to take apart the overskirt and line the back piece with stiff netting (a step in the directions that I skipped because of lack of time) to give it more "poof" at the top.

I need to finish fixing my corset by adding a drawstring casing along the top edge of the bust gussets, which should create a smoother line at the front.  And I need to add a ruffle along the hem of the underskirt, because it ended up a bit too short at the back.

I need to add tapes to the interior of the skirts - to be tied over the bustle - which will keep the front and sides nice and smooth while pulling all of the fullness to the back.

And finally, I need to finish sewing hooks and eyes on the bodice front and the overskirt placket.

However, I did not allow the fact that all of this work was not done to detract from my enjoyment of the day!  I had gotten my gown to a wearable state, and I even managed to throw together a decent hairstyle:

My historical hairstyling MO of late is basically putting my hair up in rag curls for several hours (overnight if possible) and then manipulating those curls over strategically-placed hair rats to create the basic silhouette I'm going for.  It has served me surprisingly well.

Though on this occasion, the hairstyle was mainly just to serve as a base for the hat.

Isn't it a great hat?  I commissioned it from Shocking Bad Hats, and it came out so perfect!  We worked from these fashion plates when discussing the design: 

I especially liked the contrast on the underside of the brim on this one.
And from this extant beauty: 

I further accessorized with some vintage gloves that I had dyed yellow several years ago, mainly as a test, but the color was so perfect and matched the flowers on the hat!  The fan is one that I purchased at a costuming exchange but I can't remember from whom, and the shoes are my latest American Duchess acquisition - the Amelie in royal blue. 

I chose blue shoes as a nod to my Ravenclaw tendencies, which I echoed in my Dames a la Mode earrings. 

All in all, I felt very pretty, and had a lovely time wearing my new gown! 


  1. Absolutely lovely and inspiring. I loved watching this come together, your work is impeccable. Go fellow Hufflepuff!!

  2. Lovely gown, and the splashes of yellow really set it off!


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